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Frosted film is the perfect solution to all of your office privacy requirements. We can customize your office with attractive, bespoke designs for reception areas, conference rooms, retail spaces, or any environment requiring a little privacy.

private | safe | inspiring

We can cut logos, patterns and also print any design to help make your office space more tightly aligned with your brand. Frosted film also adds a level of safety to large glass walls and partitions whilst offering an opportunity for aesthetic, inspiring decoration in your workplace.

for your safety

Frosted manifestation is a legal requirement on any glass partition, glass door or glass wall within a public environment or office setting in order to increase visibility and prevent injury through collisions.

private | safe | inspiring

Our self adhesive frosted film can be cut into any design in order to meet your specific requirements and our highly experienced fitting team will ensure that it is installed and finished to perfection.

for your home

Self adhesive frosted film is a fraction of the cost of etched or sandblasted glass for your home, plus it offers a temporary privacy solution that can be removed without leaving any marks or residue.

clean | beautiful | health & safety

Frosted etch film offers total privacy in your home whilst still allowing light in. It is easy to clean, will not degrade with steam or sunlight and perfect for all internal windows, door glass, bathrooms, bedrooms, conservatories and kitchens.

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